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Protecting Your Decks

Protecting Your Decks

As you close down your rental property for the season and move your deck furniture into storage, you might want to consider protecting your deck surfaces before winter comes along.

A deck is often your platform for good times, family cookouts, and simply enjoying the abundant beauty of the Outer Banks. You certainly don’t want to allow extreme temperature fluctuations, abundant wind and rain, and blistering sun to diminish one of your home’s greatest assets.

Always clean your decks to remove dirt and mildew. After pressure washing, examine your deck for split boards, loose rails, and splinters. Once the deck surfaces are clean and all repairs have been made you have some options for coating your decks.

  1. Sealants are used primarily to protect against moisture damage. They contain water-repellant properties and are usually thicker than stains. Clear sealants generally don’t protect against UV rays, but many people prefer the “Old Nags Head” look of naturally gray decks. If you want this look, then it’s important to keep the moisture content of your wood to prevent drying and splintering.
  2. Stains contain pigment and offer protection against UV damage. They offer less moisture protection than sealants. Stains can be semi-transparent or semi-solid to preserve the look of your natural wood grain. Solid-color stains have more pigment that semi-transparent and semi-solid stains and offer more UV protection, almost like paint. Stains come in a variety of colors and shades and can enhance your home’s curb appeal.
  3. Paint is thicker than stain and will dry to a harder finish, providing even more UV protection. One drawback to using paint, rather than stain, is that paint will trap moisture in the wood and may cause bubbling and peeling if the deck lumber has not been properly “seasoned” to allow it to reach an optimal moisture content.

Some people prefer a combination. Stained or sealed deck boards with painted handrails are a common sight on the Outer Banks. Painted handrails and synthetic or engineered deck boards are also popular.

Regardless of your preferences, it’s generally a good idea to protect your decks before the winter weather is here.

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