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Paint Problems - Peeling

Paint Problems - Peeling
Paint Problems - Peeling

The Paint Quality Institutes defines peeling as "loss of paint due to poor adhesion." Peeling can involve multiple coats and often begins with the original coat of paint. 

Some possible causes of peeling paint include seepage of water or moisture through uncaulked joints, failed caulking, excess moisture escaping through the exterior walls, inadequate surface preparation prior to painting, the use of low quality paint, or applying paint to a wet surface. In all cases, a repainted surface is only as good as the original coat of primer and paint.
While it seems intuitive that "more is better" when it comes to the number of coats of paint that your painting contractor proposes, there is a limit to the number of coats that a surface can support. As the paint thickness builds up over time, and the coatings get older, they lose their flexibility.
The Outer Banks is prone to extreme fluctuations in humidity which can cause the painted substrate to expand and contract. When the paint film is no longer flexible enough to move with the surface cracking or flaking of the coating usually results.
It is not uncommon to put a coat of paint on a surface that appears sound only to have many layers of paint peel away. At this point, the necessary preparation for a repaint changes.
Peeling paint can be remedied by removing all loose paint with a scraper or wire brush after power washing. Any rough surfaces are then sanded and all bare wood is primed before recoating. This is generally the first course of action.
In extreme cases where the original coat of paint is failing after multiple repaints, the peeling areas should be stripped to remove all of the old coating, even where it does not appear to be peeling. This is especially true in the case of cedar shakes. Often times this is expensive, but if it is not done properly, a new paint job will likely continue to flake and peel.
The time involved with scraping, sanding, and wire brushing can vary from 35 to 100 square feet per man-hour. It is impossible for anyone to know how long it will take to properly remove peeling paint, which is why most reputable painting contractors will bid the work as an allowance item.

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