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Fall Maintenance - 2022

Fall Maintenance - 2022
Fall Maintenance - 2022
Fall Maintenance - 2022

Fall is the favorite season for many of us on the Outer Banks. The traffic hassles caused by the tourists are over, the beaches are serene, the kids are back in school, and contractors are getting geared up for the "off-season." One can't help but feel thankful for the abundant natural beauty this place provides.

It seems distant, but Winter is coming. Freezing temperatures and snow are usually short-lived here; nonetheless, diligent homeowners should be mindful of the following maintenance items:

Address Peeling Paint

Peeling is a sign of paint or substrate failure. Once the paint film has failed it can no longer protect your siding. Peeling paint should be removed by scraping and sanding as soon as it becomes visible.

The bare surface should then be primed and fresh paint applied. If left alone, the exposed siding will be susceptible to premature deterioration and rot. If your house is due for a repaint, Fall weather conditions are ideal for exterior painting on the OBX.

Replace Failing Caulk

Caulk helps to keep the heat in your home and the moisture out. If your caulk is cracked or failing, it should be completely removed at the point of failure and new caulk should be applied.

Protect Your Decks

On the Outer Banks, we have periods of extended precipitation and occasionally we experience freezing temperatures. Moisture, combined with freezing and thawing, can wreak havoc on your decks. Consider having them sealed in the Fall. This will reduce cracking and splitting and extend the life of your decks.

Check For Visible Signs of Rot

Water penetration leads to excessive moisture and inevitably causes wood rot. It can also create an ideal habitat for termites and ants. If you see signs of damage on your corner trim or door/window trim, it warrants further investigation.

Extensive rot can take weeks or even months to fully repair. You don't want to address the problem in the Spring when most reputable contractors will already have a full schedule. This could put your rental season in jeopardy.

Power Washing

Power washing not only cleans your house and decks, but it can also reveal failed caulking, peeling paint, cracked deck boards, and dry rot.

Other Items

Gutters, chimneys, and roof shingles should be checked before winter. It's also advisable to test and replace the batteries in your home's smoke and CO detectors as well.

Fall is an ideal time to trim dead branches from your trees and aerate/seed your lawn. It's also a good time to remove your annual plants and divide and move your perennials as necessary.

This time of year is very busy for us at Beach Painting. Don't wait too long to schedule your maintenance painting and carpentry repairs. This is also a great time to schedule any interior painting and drywall repairs that can be done now or during Winter.

Give us a call at 800.663.4944 to request an estimate.

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