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Professional organization, great job. The house looks great. You did a fine job. I notices lots of details that were finished well, like knot holes, corners, etc. Thanks for the great job!

- Terry Betzer

Beach Painting did a great job. All staff with whom I had contact were responsive and knowledgeable. Two things impressed me: 1. Your office manager was very prompt and competent, she had to contact our builder of five years ago and find out the Sherwin Williams paint colors originally used. She did this and we got a perfect match. 2. Several pieces of the aluminum cladding from the trim had blown off. I asked that they be replaced. This task order was communicated down the chain and got taken care of. I also gave specific instructions regarding painting the porch and deck rails and pickets - they were also communicated correctly through several layers. I was surprised. Staff and workers went the extra mile!

- Jim Lawrence

The house had phantom painters. You were in and out so fast we never saw you in action. You were (there) of course and did a splendid job. It is much appreciated.

- Dan Smith

Beach Painting did not just cover the problems ... they solved them. Our house had bad peeling problems. They took off the old paint and found wood rot…Now our house looks great!

- Tom Andrews

It was only appropriate that I contact you and express our great satisfaction with the high quality job Beach Painting Contractors did on our beachfront home in Carova Beach. The expert job you and your workers did is really admirable. Your guys took the time to remove all remnants of the old caulk and apply new caulk to all areas of the wood even better than when the house was built back in 1990. There was no need for us to compile the usual post-paint job "punch list" because you did everything perfectly without any reminders from us. Your quality control is really superb and we appreciate your diligence and craftsmanship.

Thanks for everything.

- J Randall & Teresa Minchew

Excellent appearance and quick turnaround on the job. The cottage looks beautiful! It's 41 years old and the new paint job is a great improvement in appearance.

- Peter Welch

I was concerned about spraying the (popcorn) ceilings. I was impressed that they never made a mess! The ceilings look great!

- Francis Garner

The job was just perfect and on time! Thanks so much!

- Judy Bundy

Very clean jobsite - Great looking paint job! It's nice to know you can rely on a company to provide services when you live out of the area.

- Ted and Leigh Wolff

You pleased my sister, and Lord knows, no one else ever does! She wants to use you again when we need it.

- Tim Jameson

(Your) Workers were wonderful - This is the most professional company we have ever dealt with on the Outer Banks. Keep setting the example!

- John and Nancy Vaughn

Fantastic! Efficient, prompt and neat. (You) outdid every other painting company we have used in the past!

- Ronald and Alma Barsanti

The work itself was excellent, which is obviously important, however, your staff also delivered in all other areas and were very professional. There was nothing to dislike at this job. Beach Painting was higher priced than any other company, but now we know they should be. It is a rare incident to find professionalism in the Outer Banks workplace, but Beach Painting has truly perfected what professionalism should represent!

- Laura Gray

We are commercial contractors in PA and wish you were here. We haven't had many OBX subcontractors we could say that about! Excellent work and service. We will refer you.

- Larry and Georgeann Eckstine

I am writing to say thank you. While I have not actually seen the house, my husband was down this weekend playing golf, doing some last minute house opening chores, and said the house looked great. My husband and the friend he was golfing with used to paint in college and both were complementary of the job you did.

In general, we have not had great luck with customer service from contractors/vendors down in the Outer Banks area. Beach Painting was definitely the anomaly. We both really appreciate the speediness of your company, and the willingness to accommodate our rental schedule. It worked out perfectly. Thank you and keep up the excellent customer service. It really does make a difference. The email notifying me of when you started was a nice touch

- Ann & Tom Repczynski

Overall, I was very pleased with the timeliness and quality of the work and the courteous staff. I was impressed with how well your company dealt with problems and then managed subcontracts for the additional work that had to be done. I consulted with other owners who had paid less to other contractors, but were not satisfied with the work done.

- Willis Proper

Especially since we live far away from our Buck Island home, it's nice to know that we can rely on you to make sure our home looks its best! Your maintenance contracts are great. Thanks!

- Horacio Valeiras

I wanted to express my appreciation for a job "well done". I have never had a contractor finish a job when promised before. I don't know quite how to act.  When I decided to have my ceilings painted, I called several painters on the Outer Banks. In all honesty you weren't the lease expensive, but you were certainly much more reasonable than some of the quotes I received. My Mother always taught me you get what you pay for and my gut feeling was that you would be the most professional. I made a correct decision.

Your employees were professional, courteous, and proficient. They cleaned up after themselves and did even more than I had hoped. I'm the first to complain when things aren't right, but unlike many others I'm the first to compliment when they are. They were right.

Thank you so much for a job well done and if you would like to refer any inquiries via email my way, please feel free.

- Anita Fletcher

I appreciate all your efforts and your expertise in guiding us through the process (especially when we encountered the siding issues).  I also appreciate the photos.  Looking forward to getting back there to enjoy the new look.

- Scott Correira

I want to thank you the work that Beach Painting did to our home. I could not be happier with how the home turned out, it is just beautiful!.......It was truly a pleasure to work with everyone I encountered…Please extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone at Beach Painting that worked on our home, as we are very pleased with the entire process.

We are certainly a recommendation for any customer wanting references.

- Mike Stillwell
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